Tox Mod



Anti-Spam, Anti-Raid and Anti-Links/Invites and more. All the Auto-Mod features you need to help keep your Server Toxicity Free and your Members Happy!

Custom Dashboard

Update your Server Settings, Manage the Bots Settings, View Server and Global Infractions and more. All from the comfort of your Phone or PC.

Custom Warn System

Let your Members know when they do something wrong, Keep track of who has been warned for what. Saved globally to be viewed/user as a Reputation System

Channel Lockdowns

Lock and Unlock your Server Channels to keep out those pesky Spammers, Raiders, Losers and Keyboard Warriors!

Welcome/Leave System

Enable and Customize Tox Mods Welcome and Leave Messages in your server. Let users know where to find the Rules, Useful Info and more!

Advanced Loggin

Tox Mod logs Any and All Server/Moderator related actions. To help keep you and your staff in the know!

Case Management

View a users Global Warns, Bans, Kicks Mutes and more. Keep track of who is up to what and should or shouldn't be trusted!

Audit Logs

Stay Up-To Date with when a User updates your Server Settings, Channels, Bans etc.!

Auto Roles

Automatically assign roles to Users and Bots when they join the server!